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Like any other floor covering subject to heavy use, Top Clean Entrance Matting Systems benefit from a regular cleaning regime. The foot borne dirt will have fallen between the treads into the well. Ho much dirt collects obviously dictacts the frequency of cleaning. In most locations, however, we would recommend cleaning once a week.

The cleaning of accumulated dirt from the mat well is made so much simpler by the facility to roll up the mat while using a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt.

It is important to ensure that dirt does not become lodged under the aluminium sections as this would stop the mat from lying flat in the

Under normal circumstances the mat can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner but in areas of particularly heavy usage it is recommended that the matting receive a regular clean using a high-pressure cleaner. To do this it will be necessary to remove the mat to a suitable location and stand vertically for cleaning and drying.

Insert Replacement

If an insert becomes inundated with a contaminant such as chewing gum or oil which makes it impossible to clean, individual tread inserts can be replaced as shown here. However it must be stressed that this should only be considered for on or two treads as replacement of more than that is impractical. New treads are available by calling us and quoting the style of matting and the colour of the insert.

Recommended Sequence
1. Strip out the damaged tread removing the old adhesive with a suitable solvent. 2. Remove the backing material from the adhesive side of the new tread and place carefully into position 3. Finish by firmly setting the new insert into place using a rubber hammer. Trim off any excess material to length of aluprofile


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