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Collection and Drainage Trays

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The stainless steel dirt collection well offers you the possibility of extended dirt absorption, as well as a water drain in the tray. The wells are manufactured to suit the size of the mat.

Area of application
The dirt collection well is used to strengthen frequented entrances, so that the dirt can fall in the tray below. The optimal would be our Top Clean Trend or Top Clean STABIL for this purpose. If you use a well for entrances with normal foot traffic, you also can use our Top Clean BASIC.

Stainless steel, welded waterproof, with stainless steel in-between-profiles to the support of the entrance mat (max. spacing 350 mm).

Circumferential frame
Stainless steel frame 25 x 25 x 3 also is welded on the well. The frame and the in-inside-profiles form a unit so that the mat can lie flat.

The well can be manufactured rectangular or in special shapes (Separate sections) and can be connected on site so that a water drain is ensured between the well to the drain. Max. breadth and length (1-part), see technical Data.

The well is delivered with anchor plates. On request you receive an drain with sieve Ø 80 mm, also of stainless steel. The standard connection to your drainage system is 50mm.


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