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When planning the installation of a Top Clean matting system the following points need to be considered. Heavy Usage: For areas of heavy usage, extreme heavy duty or where trolleys are to be used, the Top Clean Stabil, Top Clean Object or top Clean High range is built to a heavier gauge and is more suitable to these types of application.
Optimum Effectiveness: The mat sits in a frame set into a well in the floor. Special Shapes: For special shapes it is recommended that a template be produced in a stable material. The red lines indicate the type of shape where additional charges are incurred.
Surface Mounting: This can easily be acheived with the Top Clean Trend 10mm and 17mm which can be supplied with a Ramped Edge Frame Inside: For an inside installation, any combination of Top Clean can be used but Top Clean Trend Ribbed Carpet, Top Clean Stabil Ribbed Carpet and Top Clean Object Ribbed Carpet is recommended.
Traffic Direction: The installation of the mat should always be with the aluminium profiles at right angles to the traffic direction. Transitional Areas: At a transitional or intermediate location Top Clean Light, Top Clean Trend and Top Clean Stabil are suitable in any combination but Ribbed Carpet with a Scraper Bar or Ribbed Carpet with Cassette Brush are particurlarly recommended.
Larger Installations: For entrance mat installations of over 3000mm, it is recommended that the mat is divided into two or more manageable untis. Outside: For outside use of any of the Top Clean Stabil or Top Clean Trend systems except those with ribbed carpet can be used the Grooved Rubber, Grooved Rubber with Brush Strip or Grooved Rubber with Cassette Brush proivde the most effective dirt and moisture barrier.
Exterior Drainage: Where an exterior use is planned, the well must be equipped with drainage holes.  

Connectors for multipart mats
connectors for profile length
- top view
connectors for profile length
- bottom view
connectors for walking direction
- top view
connectors for walking directiong
- bottom view

It is recommended by the manufacturer to share the entrance mats in the walking direction if possible. Examples of correct and wrong dividing


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