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3-Zone Cleaning

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First impressions are extremely important. The entrance area of a building needs to convey a stunning impression of cleanliness and co-ordination.

SWM Architectural THREE-ZONE CLEANING SYSTEM ensures that entrance lobbies are clean receptions areas. The system literally captures dirt before it can enter the building.

ZONE 1 - Works to remove coarse dirt
ZONE 2 - Brushes off fine dirt
ZONE 3 - Absorbs moisture and residual dirt

The system can be custom-designed for site conditions. SWM Architectural THREE-ZONE CLEANING SYSTEM significantly reduces the amount of cleaning required in nearby floor coverings, and increases their lifespan.


Coarse dirt is brushed off in
zone 1. Thanks to the rubber
or cassette-brush inserts.
Suitable for use indoors or
out. With certified non-slip

Coarse fibre ribbed carpet
inserts for brushing off fine
dirt. The non-slip insert
material is suitable for indoor
use and for use in covered
outdoor areas.

Inside buildings, the nonslip
clean-off floor coverings
are extremely effective
at absorbing moisture
and residual dirt, thereby
preventing footprints.


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