SWM Architectural - Top Clean Light

Top Clean LIGHT

Top Clean Light Matting

Recommended for interior light commercial and residential areas
Being only 10mm high, Top Clean Ligh Extra requires only a shallow
well and can even be surface mounted in applications where a
fitting well is impractical or undesirable. Base of mat is
mechanically fitted with rubber inserts underneath for
anti-slip and noise reduction.

Warp resistant aluminium profile profile for a directly lying
Ribbed carpet: UV resistant heavy-duty polypropylene (fire-resistant Cfl-s1 confirming to DIN EN 13501-1, slip resistant qualities R11 confirming to DIN 51130)
Base of the mat is mechanically fitted with rubber inserts for anti-slip and noise reduction
Interconnected with rubber linking elements
Colours Ribbed Carpet
Anthracite, Light-Grey, Mottled Blue, Mottled Beige,
Profile Spacing
Available in any given dimensions for length of aluprofiles ( left to right) and walking direction (front to back) without compensation profile. For an extra charge: Gaps/curves and diagonal can be manufactured according to drawing or template.
Colours Aluprofile
Profile can be supplied powder coated to and RAL colour (for an extra charge)

Top Clean High Matting Measurements


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